Zerostar Lancastar
—  Hastings resident  —
Zerostar Lancastar
Coat of arms
Personal motto: (unknown)
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Place of Residence 3 Elm Street, Hastings, Sussex
Affiliations Knights of the Phoenix
In-game name Zerostar
Account created 19 June, 2005 and 07 September 2012
Forum name Zerostar

Born in to a rich and noble family , the Lancasters. Zerostar had left his home at an early age to join the military as an attempt to leave the noble life style that was laid out before him. But 20 years later he would have no choice but to accept his fate as a noble and use his status to help as much as possible those less fortunate.

Zerostar is tall and thin, with shaggy hair and light blue eyes. He is a 7 term ex-Count of Sussex and has served several additional times as a councilmen. Although his proudest achievement is in founding the K.O.P. and leading them to victory in the city of Dieppe, and helping lead the defense of Birmingham.

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