Zane325, started playing May 25, 2008 (the year 1456 in RK time). He resides in Lanark, Glasgow county, Kingdom of Scotland. He is unclanned.

  • Level 1
  • Field: Veggies & Veggies
  • Current Titles: Lanark Town Council (Co-Social Chair) and Mentor

Background StoryEdit

Found on a small raft boat that drifted into the bay of Whithorn. I grew up luckily to be raised by the priests and I grew to be a wee lil teen. I was wild and dreamed to be a travelor. I made friends in Whithorn. Grew to be lv 1 then I took my first trip to Lanark. Meeting a nice lady I now dream to live my life wild with unexpecting experiences. Who knows, I might rejoin the RSA. Live a life as a travelor? Or even a traveling tradesmen? All I know is I have a lot of life to live exploring!!

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