Wysteria von Waldershut-Winslow
—  Egremont Westmorland  —
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Wysteria von Waldershut-Winslow
Coat of arms
Personal motto: The one who denies evidence isn't less stupid than the one who accepts lies.
Full title -
Place of Residence -, Egremont, -
Affiliations Winslow Family, De Cognin-Franchesse von Waldershut Family
In-game name Wysteria
Account created 24/10/2019
Forum name Wysteria

History Edit

Wysteria, known as Ys (Spelt : Wise), was born the 13th august 1447, in Vesoul, Franche-Comté, SRING.

Her father is George De Cognin-Franchesse von Waldershut.

Her mother is Adelaide Winslow.

She have one older brother, Narcissus von Waldershut-Winslow.

She have one younger sister, Marigold von Waldershut-Winslow.

Julianna Winslow is one of her cousins.

Appearance Edit

Ys is a red-head with deep green eyes and freckles on her cheeks.

She's about 5'5" tall and around 120-130 pounds.

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