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Xenina 1
Coat of arms
Personal motto: I intend to live forever. So far. So good.
Full title Xenina Ramsay, Lady of Ramsay
Place of Residence (unknown), Whithorn, Galloway
Affiliations Galloway County Trade Minister
In-game name Xenina
Account created February 12, 2008
Forum name Xenina

Xenina Ramsay was a Whithorn resident and several time mayor. She served as TM, Duchess and other positions in Galloway. She is now reborn and uses the in game name Serendipity and lives in Ayr City.


Xenina was born to the Ramsay family on the 17th day of August, 1423, near Girvan, Scotland. Her parents, the Lord Ramsay and Lady Ramsay were both great assets to the county of Ayr and she grew up with a carefree childhood. When she was 16 her parents left on a trip and never returned. After three years her older brother left to find them, but then he did not return. After awaiting his return for two years, she was haunted by memories in her family's home. "He may come back", she thought, "but I can not stay here with these memories". So she sold what she could and left Ayr county for the county of Galloway. She moved to Drummore and lived there for a year.

That's where she met Lord Roy Garlock. He encouraged her to live and to take on challenges and her life began to come into focus. She moved to Whithorn to pursue an apprenticeship. She then ran for mayor and served many terms. She served on Council many times and even served a term as Duchess.

She and Roy were to be engaged and marriage, but after the Campbell Affront on Carlisle they realized that their relationship had been neglected for too long and they broke it off. She moved to Glasgow City in order to date [Rannos Rose|Rannos], but she was too despondent from her breakup with Roy and disappeared for many weeks.

She finally reappeared in Kirkcudbright of all places and tended her wounds. This time as Serendipity.

Political CareerEdit

Xenina served seven non-sequential terms as mayor of Whithorn. She is a former Trade Minister and Duchess for the County of Galloway. She also served as the Judge of Galloway for a long time.


Xenina was a member of many groups and organizations, including the Scottish Democratic Party, and the Renaissance Acts of Kindness group.

Xenina once belonged to the Clan Forbes, but their relationship was dissolved right before she moved to Whithorn. Before her disappearance she joined Clan Campbell and was appointed as a Knight of Campbell, a title she was extremely proud of.

Personal Notes Edit

Serendipity/Xenina continues writing a tutorial blog located at She assists Mayors, Trade Ministers and Council persons all over the RK world.

She also teaches Introduction to Politics in the Galloway Interactive University.

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