==Taemin Xeinozu
Taemin Xeinozu
—  Arundel - Citizen  —
Taemin Xeinozu
Coat of arms
Personal motto: (unknown)
Full title Taemin Xeinozu
Place of Residence (unknown), Arundel, Sussex
Affiliations none
In-game name Xeinozu
Account created April 4, 1459 (2011)
Forum name Xeinozu

== Taemin Xeinozu was born into a poor spice trader's family. Him and his parents arrived in England in April of 1459, and Taemin decided this is where he wishes to try and make his living. His parents gave him a small amount of money to buy a corn field, and then they continued on their travels, promising one day to return to see his success.

Working hard on his corn field, managing to save up enough money, Taemin finally was able to start his very own tavern in his new home town of Arundel. Him and a few friends spent days trying to pick the perfect name for it... The Drunken Duck.

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