Supposedly a member of the Wolves of Sherwood, but this was denied by those in the WoS

Wulfric, pulled the wool over the eyes of Salisbury, and his election led to him basically causing trouble for Salisbury.

Account of what Wulfric did to Salisbury Edit

As soon as he was elected, he put the entirety of the town hall inventory for sale at £1 for each item. He claimed it was an action on the part of the Wolves of Sherwood, however they denied that. Nai (Dragonflames brother) purchased a LOT of the items. Over time Nai would return them in batches using grants.

Wulfric honestly thought and hoped that his actions would ruin Salisbury forever. He said the rich would purchase all the goods and profiteer by resellng them higher, and that no should ever trust anyone else again. Where some may have profiteered alot of Townsfolk didn't and helped Salisbury recover from this blip.

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