—  Capital of Mercia  —
Coat of arms
Motto: none
Country Kingdom of England
County Mercia (capital)
Resource Lake
Province Province of Canterbury
Diocese Diocese of Worcester
Established unknown
 - Mayor Yashraj
 - Mentor Saranna
Population (6 December 1468)
 - Town 35

Worcester - or Worcester city - was the capital of Worcester County, England. It is now the Capital of the new Duchy of Mercia, following the merger of [[Stafford] and Worcester.

Location[edit | edit source]

Worcester is centrally located, with roads traveling southwest to Hereford, southeast to Evesham, northeast to Warwick and north to Birmingham in the county of Stafford. Other than the County Palatine of Chester, Worcester used to be the only county wherein every town in the county is directly connected to its capital city.

Resources[edit | edit source]

Worcester is a lake town which boasts excellent fishing. It has access to a gold mine to the west and an iron mine to the north east. It is the only lake town in Mercia county.

Amenities[edit | edit source]

Taverns[edit | edit source]

  • The Saucy Wench - Owned by the Town Hall.
  • The Slender Hips - Owned by Site_emmel, tended by Oriames.
  • Traveler's Rest - Owned and tended by Lady_sude.
  • Bishop's Chapel - Owned and tended by Syrusyounge.
  • Worcester Hospice for the Sick- Owned and tended by Henry.dewaugh
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