Renaissance Kingdoms

Chopping wood is a daily activity available in towns that contain a forest, and yields wood bushels.

A Forest looks like this:


There are various types of trees, the different colored circles helping distinguish each type-

  • Firs are in shape of cone and have a blue-grey circle
  • Birch are small and have an auburn circle
  • Beech are taller and have a dark green circle
  • Oak have large trunk and a light green circle (you cannot distinguish circle border)

A minimum strength is required to chop different tree types-

  • 0 SP for a fir
  • 5 SP for a birch
  • 10 SP for a Beech
  • 15 SP for an oak

Intelligence affects the numbers of trees you can attempt to chop-

  • 1-9 INT : 1 try
  • 10-19 INT : 2 tries
  • 20 + INT : 3 tries

3 is the maximum number of tries no matter how high your intelligence may be.

The trees yield different numbers of Wood bushels depending on type.

  • Fir: between 2 and 4 woods
  • Birch: between 3 and 4 woods
  • Beech: between 4 and 5 woods
  • Oak: between 4 and 6 woods

To chop wood, there are now 2 ways:

1st, you will need an axe from the Town Hall. There is a maximum of 20 axes available each day. and the number left is displayed on the forest screen. Axes.jpg

2nd, you can now equip axes yourself, but try and remember that town hall gets a piece of wood if you borrow an axe. If you employ your own axe, an extra bushel is produced.

Axe Maintenance[]

Using the same axe continuously may cause the tool to go blunt. If this happens, contact your Mayor or local blacksmith for sharpening. You can sell your blunt axe at say 130 pounds and buy it back for 147 pounds, giving the blacksmith a decent wage as well as sharpening your axe.

Note: Blacksmith wages vary from person to person.


To have the best results of your tries, it's a good idea to use Forestia to consult/gather statistics about wood cutting. For example, let's say you can yield between 2 and 4 woods and you see that some spots are already marked as yielding only 2, well you'll have more chance to end up with 3 or 4 woods on the other spots.