The Great Wizard
I am The Great Wizard of RK, Let me explain who, what, why, where and when.


Now Im not going to say that am I? I used to play RK but died due to loss of my internet, SO when I returned decided to do a generous deed for the citizens of RK, Im sure I have touched something close to you.

If you should meet me, I dont always talk but will if I'm spoken to. So dont be alarmed. oh and sorry to all those people Ive bombed. Please do not waste your money buying me drinks or waste your tp's on me. I can be contacted via this link to protect my own identity.


An awesome person too! ;)

{Thanks whoever posted that, an awesome person I am :) It is now possible for people to post comments on The Great Wizards website}

I am an ex player that is creating multiple accounts, for one week 5/5/1458~12/5/1458 Week of the Wizards. Buying TH items putting money into the The coffers putting money into the economy, and reselling the items at the lowest price possible.

I stick by my word and ceased to cast black magic on the 12th day of may 1458, I plan to return, when I'm not sure.


To help citizens of RK, Because I am a good guy.


Everywhere all over Rk in a town near you!! So get the mayor to have donation items at 49.99!!! and many of them who knows how many wizards may visit your town.


Between 5th may to 12th may So keep an eye out for cheap items on the market to grab a bargain.

I plan to return, when I'm not sure but it is my word that I will return. RK doesnt have the power to stop me doing what I do. they can ban ip's create endless lists of proxies, niether of which doesnt effect me has I dont use a proxy and I have a several new ip's each month, I am not a big head far from it just stating that I will return when I have time and RK cant stop me. If you wish your town to benefit from me be sure to have those all important donation items, or I will just purchase items they are too many of to help a stagnant market.

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