Known mostly for caring more for getting a job done, than for its diplomacy. It is currently headed by Julianna Bariman (now Taldus) nee Winslow.

House Coat of Arms and MottoEdit


Motto: Non sanguine, sed factis sumus agnoscitur.

Translation: It is not the blood, but the deeds we are known by.

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History Edit

The Winslow Family actually harks back centuries to the trade merchant Francis Winslow, the bastard son of shopkeeper's daughter and the younger son of a local lord.  The noble family secretly gave Francis' mother a monthly stipend on the condition that she never reveal her son's true father to anyone, including Francis.  At his maternal grandfather's insistence, half of the stipend was used for Francis' education, while the rest was given to him when he set out to create a life of his own.

When Francis turned 18, his paternal family "anonymously" bought him a naval commission. After serving several years in service to his country, Francis retired and started a simple trade business to give himself an excuse to visit his mistress in Flanders.  Since then, most of the Winslows have been in the business of trading goods.  There have been monks, alchemists, and other tradesmen, but something in the Winslow blood enjoys the work of merchant traders.  Though most are noticeably more loyal to their spouses than their esteemed forebearer.

The Exalted House of Winslow was established in 1467.

Family TreeEdit

Descendants of Ebenezer Winslow

The Main Branch of the Winslow Family as verified by Julianna Taldus nee Winslow

Main Winslow Branch - view expanded here .

Includes the Esterby and MacEoghain sub-branches, and connects to the Dorchester Family through Donald Winslow's wife, Marie Wessex.

Descendants of Alastair ConDoin

The ConDoin Branch of the Winslow Family as verified by Emily ConDoin

The third child of Charles and Claire was Grace Winslow, who married Tobias ConDoin, a Scottish soldier briefly staying in London. She moved to Scotland with her husband and had three children. The family has a very tragic history.

This branch also connects to the Scottish branch of the Hanley Family.

Descendants of James Blackwell

The Blackwell Branch of the Winslow Family as verified by Destrian Blackwell

Victoria Winslow was the younger daughter of Henry and Constance Winslow.  She married Jameson Blackwell, connecting the two families.

This branch is connected to the Llewellyn family through Anna Rose Llewellyn Morgan, wife of Destrian Blackwell.

Descendants of Unknown Smith

The Smith Branch of the Winslow Family as verified by Fleta Smith


Rose Winslow was the older daughter of Henry and Constance.  She married the youngest son of a family of smiths. Due to competing with each other for customers, the Smith brothers moved to different towns to ply their trade as blacksmiths. 

Descendants of William Ramsbottom

The Ramsbottom Branch of the Winslow Family as verified by Lily Cribbins


Ebeneezer Winslow's only biological daughter, Margaret, married William "Bill" Ramsbottom. Their son Albert had a daughter Martha, who married food entrepreneur Fred Cribbins. Fred and Martha had daughter Lily, who moved to Lewes. Fred's youngest sister married a man with the surname of Evans, who gave birth to Ereubus Evans of Barnstaple. 

Descendants of Unknown Cribbins

The Cribbins Sub-Branch of the Winslow Family as verified by Lily Cribbins


Connected to the Winslow family through matrilinear bloodlines. The Cribbins family is a rather fertile family with many members. Most of Fred Cribbins children have not yet been listed because Fred is too busy selling meat pies.

Descendants of Vano Jarvis

The Jarvis Branch of the Winslow Family as verified by Julianna Taldus nee Winslow and Diayania Callaghan


A Gyspy family with a long tradition of raising horses, the Jarvis Family became joined to the Winslow Family, when Oliver Winslow married Magdalen Jarvis. It includes the Callaghan sub-branch. View expanded here


Descendants of Dimitri Velama

The Velama Branch of the Winslow Family as verified by Addison Velama

Velama Branch - view expanded here

Another Gypsy branch of the family, connected to the Winslow through the marriage of Zayden Callaghan and Addison Velama.

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