Widfara Wargrave
—  Chester County Palatine of Chester  —
Widfara Wargrave
Coat of arms
Personal motto: Trust No One
Full title Baron of St. Asaph
Place of Residence (unknown), Chester, County Palatine of Chester
Affiliations Knights of the Realms of England, College of Heraldry, England
In-game name Widfara
Account created Dec 18 2007
Forum name Widfara

Widfara (Dec 18,1456 - Present) 



Widfara Wargrave , Baron of St. Asaph Edit

Widfara Wargrave Lost at Sea

  • Baron of St Asaph
  • Baronet of Kendal
  • Norrey King of Arms - English College of Heraldry
  • Knights of the Realm - Yoeman

Public Service Career Edit

Mayor - Kendel 3 terms

Trade Minister -

Lancaster 2 terms

Chester 2 1/2 terms

Sheriff - Lancaster 1 term

Served as a Herald for the English College of Arms


  • ''''''Knights of the Realm '


Coat of Arms Edit

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