—  Port Town  —
Coat of arms
Motto: Whistle While You Fish
Country Kingdom of Scotland
County Galloway
Resource Sea (known as Fishing)
Province Province of Glasgow
Diocese Diocese of Whithorn
Established 18th August 1455
 - Mayor Sono
 - Mentor Kiara
 - Harbour Master Sheridan_campbell - Level 3 Port
Population (August 1st 1462)
 - Port Town 108

Whithorn is a friendly fishing city located at the south of the county of Galloway. Situated directly north of Whithorn is the capital city of Wigtown.

With one of the larger trading ports, beautiful lakes and breathtaking sea view, Whithorn is known for its very active and vibrant community. Protected by geography, Whithorn is a safe town where people come for a break from the action and unpredictability of fast paced life.

Whithorn was chosen by Galloway Council to be the first location in Galloway to have a port and is a strategic point of defense and trade in the county. The port is current a lvl 3 port, building towards lvl 4. As of July 1462, the upgrade is almost complete, with the stonemasonry phase beginning that month.

For several months through 1461 and 1462, Whithorn operated as an independent state from Galloway, under the leadership of Julius Octavius, before all parties mutually ended the arrangement in June 1462.

Resources Edit

Whithorn is a fishing town. It has access to a gold mine.

Mayors of Whithorn, Past and PresentEdit

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