The Waringham Family 

The Waringham family was founded by Gervais Le Rheu, an English land noble, in Anno 1406. His deeds and actions leading to the gift of Earldom by King Henry of Bolingbroke IV are values held by the family to this day. Though his sacrifices aren’t remembered by many, they shall never be lost within the family. 

Gervais studied the values of a knight by his friend and mentor John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster and soon befriended his son, Bolingbroke. Together they joined the Order of Deutschritter and helped pilgrims, merchants and armies on their way to the holy land, Jerusalem. Gervais never left Henry’s side and supported him in all things, no matter the gravity of their outcome. 

Upon their return to England, King Richard II, Henry’s cousin, knighted Gervais. Soon after however, the King had Bolingbroke exiled for ten years and Gervais joined him in exile to France. 

In Anno 1399, after Lancaster had tried result less to shorten his son’s exile, he died of a heart attack. King Richard II seized Lancaster’s personal effects, to which Henry and Gervais returned to England to take back his rightful place as heir. In doing so, they accidently conquered England and Gervais urged Henry to take the crown and save England. Henry was crowned October of that year and to his death Gervais fought many battles against the uprising Scottish, Irish and Welsh forces. They both died the same day; Gervais died shortly after Henry’s son, Henry V was crowned.

The Values of the Waringham family are: 

Loyalty: An unwavering commitment to the people and ideals you chose to live by. 

Defend: All those who rightfully depend on you, family, your nation, and those worthy of your shield. 

Prowess: Strive for excellence in all endeavors; on the field or other; serve justice and defeat all forms of tyranny.  Courage: Taking the side of truth on all matters, manifest it while remembering to temper justice with mercy.  Kindness: Generous in so far as your resources reasonably allow.  Franchise: Accepting of responsibility for thought, word and deed.  Justice: Follow the right path by being unbiased and not following personal interests when they lead astray.  Humility: Speak modest of your own importance.

Often these traits and values are sought after by jealousy; and have led so some Waringham into public despair. Such is the case of Robert Waringham, who was unjustly spun in an intrigue to lose the title of Earl and his head. And of John Waringham, despite his endless efforts to do ‘good’ and fight for the right and the people, against the tyranny. 

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