Wandress is a level 3 blacksmith from Ayr (Town) in Ayr. She was mayor of the town of Ayr between August 1456 and June 1457, and is a wheat farmer. She is a veteran of the Battle of Girvan in May 1457 against The Galloway Ducal Guard and the Galloway Naval armies, as well as the Battle of Ayr against the resurrected Fury army.

Role Play descriptionEdit

At a table near the fireplace at the Thistle and Crown tavern in the heart of Ayr, its 10-term ex-mayoress sits, a book open before her and a glass of wine at her hand. Her face is half-obscured by her tousled red hair, the revealed half pretty, but her features too sharp to ever be beautiful. Her smooth cheeks indicate a youth belied by her granite eyes; careworn and kindly, yet in a blink bright and keen as a falcon. After a moment, she notices you, and leans back in her chair, stretching out her long legs beneath the table. She is heavily muscled (for a woman) from long hours yielding her blacksmith's hammer, but it seems to suit her, emphasizing her generous curves. She flashes a genuine smile and gestures to a free seat at her table, saying simply "Welcome."

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