Von Waldershut
—  De Cognin-Franchesse von Waldershut  —
Coat of arms
Family motto: "Nemo Iniuriae Semper Fidelis" Nulle injustice, toujours fidèle.
Patriarch Emmery
Important members Emmery, Adelheid., Ys_
Nationality French Germanic
Land held none
Affiliations Aquilae Imperatoris (Imperial Guard)
Blood relations Lancaster Family, Winslow Family, de Castelléo Family
Imperial Family Registered (Link)

Members :

  • Emmerich (Emmery) - Chief
  • Adelheid (Adelheid.) - Heir
  • Kjerstin - Disappeared
  • Gauderich - Inactive
  • Wysteria (Ys_)
  • Loanne - Inactive
  • Mammylou - Inactive
  • George - NPC
  • Marigold - NPC
  • Narcisse - NPC

History :

The Patriarch

Emmerich was baptised the 5th december 1462, by Monseigneur Alexandre Farnèse, at the Cathedral of Dole, sponsored by Elektra d'Acoma.

Emmerich was dubbed knight of the Ordre des Lames, dubbed the 29th january 1463, by the Grand Master of the Ordre des Lames, Elektra d'Acoma. Attested by the chamberlain and herald, Evrard de Melchir.

Blason Emmery

Emmerich was dubbed Imperial Knight, the 4th march 1465, in Strasbourg, by his Imperial Majesty, the Emperor Elias Juliani Fauville de Tayllerand Cheroy. The patent was attested by the Queen of Arms, Ainslinn Isabeau Borgia (Stormhawk).

The Heir

Adelheid, the last of the twins, is Emmerich younger sister. She was baptised the 15th december 1463, by Reki de Grimaud, in the St-Martin chaptel, in Bâle County, sponsored by Hermess.

The 26th may 1465, she married Karloman de Lancaster, the ceremony was held by Portalis de Vandimium, in the oratorical St-Tertullien of Provence, in the chaptel of the Lancaster domain.

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