Von Liechenstein
—  House of von Liechenstein  —
Liechenstein COA
Coat of arms
Family motto: (unknown)
Matriarch Lord Plotnik Hohenzollern-Sigmaaringen von Liechenstein
Important members Her Serene Highness Ophelia
Nationality German, British
Land held Kingdom of England
Affiliations England
Blood relations Tudor, Hohenzollern, Sigmaaringen

The Noble House of von Liechenstein (alt. spelling: von Liechtenstein) is a venerated Germanic family, originally based in the tiny Principality of Liechtenstein which was bordered by The Old Swiss Confederacy and the Duchies of Austria. The house is composed of the families of von Liechenstein, Hohenzollern, Sigmaaringen, Quintin, and Lewis, and strongly tied to the noble House of Tudor through marriage.

The von Liechenstein family has members all over England in positions of leadership at the local Town, County, and national levels as well as in the military and specialized guilds.

House Leadership Edit

The founder of the House was Rohannon Sigmaaringen Hohenzollern von Liechtenstein (Now deceased; Formerly married to Princess Brianna Tudor). The current head of the House is Lord Plotnik Hohenzollern-Sigmaaringen von Liechtenstein, Earl of Chilham and baronet of Dover.

Active Family Members Edit

  • Acrezio Hohenzollern
  • Lerendus Wilhelm Fredric Von Liechtenstein
  • Kalens Tudor Hohenzollern
  • Plotnik Hohenzollern-Sigmaaringen von Liechenstein of Dover
  • Anyamariee Hollington von Liechenstein (through marriage to Plotnik)
  • Her Serene Highness Ophelia Fairfax
  • Miranda Fairfax
  • Luna Greyjoy Von Liechtenstein
  • Adalyde Avis de la Vega
  • Albrecht von Liechtenstein

Deceased Family Members Edit

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