Veshess 2 times Mayor of Girvan

Veshess is a miller, with a wheat field and a veggie field.

Veshess was born to poor, ignorant parents, she was a sickly baby and her parents pronounced her a changling, thus leaving her in the forest for the faeries to take.

But before the Faeries or the Grim Reaper could claim her a woman found her and took her home.

Veshess grew up with her 'witchy' mother a happy and content person.

One black day five men in robes rode up to their grass and mud hut and took her mother, claiming her a witch to be burnt. Veshess follows them into town to find her mother already tied to a stake. Veshess hurries forward and falls to her mothers feet and hurriedly begins moving the kindling aside, a large man steps forward and grabs Veshess and pulls her back, Veshess kicks and screams to be released, the man clamps one hand over Veshess' mouth and the other around her throat. Veshess watches with mute horror as they proceeded to burn her mother, Veshess struggles as her mother screams in agony as the flames lick at her, the tears spill over her cheeks and the anger builds inside her. After what seems an age the Grim Reaper takes her mother from this wretched life, leaving Veshess alone and bitter.

The man roughly pushes Veshess to the ground before kicking her in the ribs, laughing and walking away, she lays there unable to breath, people leaving the show, stepping over her.

Night falls and the man comes back, Veshess cannot move due to broken ribs, he drags her to her feet and pushes her to the gates of the city, she sprawls to the ground.
"Get out you foul wench of a witches daughter and nay come back ere" he spat.

Slowly Veshess gets to her feet, barely able to breath, within the twilight she travels.

Girvan arrives on the horizon and she stops for a while. Before she knows it she has two fields and a weavers workshop.

But Girvan lacked for nothing so she decides to move, on the eve of her move she meets Erroleus, a dashing muscular man who captures her heart. But she goes ahead and moves to Ayr, where she is robbed by James05. She confronts him one day in the tavern, where she grabs a hair from his head and tucks it away, knowing that she will one day go against her beliefs and curse the man who has robbed not only her but many others.

Dissatisfied she goes back to Erroleus and Girvan, and finding herself once again decides to move back.

Things with Erro don't work then Veshess finds out she is pregnant.

Veshess loses the baby.

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