Renaissance Kingdoms

Valkyrii is a Chester resident.

Early Life[]

Valkyrii grew up with a father that was always away with the army. His father named Alexander, worked up the ladder and found himself as a Captain with the army. On his first mission as Captain, Alexander was met with fierce resistance from a group of bandits that kept a hideout inside a mountain. Alexander was struck with a crossbow bolt and was carried off the battlefield by his soldiers. Alexander's physician came as soon as he could, but it was too late by then. As Alexander lay on his death-bed, he rigorously began to write a will to his one and only son, Valkyrii. Valkyrii was eating dinner with his mother when they heard a knock on their door. Valkyrii overheard the conservation about his father's death his now weeping mother had with the group of soldiers that mysteriously appeared at their door. As Valkyrii regained his emotions, he immediately knew what he had to do with his life, become a better soldier than his father. As the soldiers honored Alexander's will by giving Valkyrii Alexander's armor and weapons, Valkyrii started to pack his things to set himself off with the greatest adventure of his life.

Valkyrii arrived in Canterbury, Sussex in May 1455

  • He owned the Jester's Mask tavern in Canterbury until Oct. 1456.
  • Town Council member in Canterbury, Sussex 1456 on two occasions.
  • Butcher and a Miller in Canterbury.
  • Married to Beatta 4 Oct 1456
  • Moved to Chester 1 Nov 1456.
  • Miller in Chester Nov 1456.
  • Mayor of Chester Nov 1456 - July 1457.

Level 3 - State / Army Way October 1456