—  Lios Mór resident  —
Coat of arms
Personal motto: Hell is just a step away.
Full title Valefor, Lord of the Night, and the Honeyed Tongue
Place of Residence (unknown), Lios Mór, An Mumhain
Affiliations Dagda's Wolves
In-game name Valefor
Account created April 13, 2008
Forum name Valefor

Valefor has been throughout Ireland for some time. He has been associated with many of those who most of us see has evil, from the NNGO to the Wolves of Sherwood. Most recently he has moved on, and is simply a player and a flirt.  He is the wander of Ireland, part of no group. 

He has fought in every Irish war, though none have led to any injuries of his own. More often he is on the roads than in an army. Beware the honeyed tongue, for it is tipped with poison.

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