Uthyr, or fully and officially Sir Uthyr, Lord of House Constans, is a citizen of Barnstaple, in Devon County, of the Kingdom of England. He is a Level 1 citizen who is active in Barnstaple and Devon, and friend of multiple residents.

He entered Devon County as a young orphan who knew only of his legendary ancestors through his dying father, his only parent left. He was concieved in Tintagel Castle, a landmark of legend to his family, but raised far in the north from areas near Whales and Scotland.

Uthyr was baptized in the Holy Aristotelian Church in the River Yeo, by Father Richileau under the authority of Cardinal Darien Balintyne, the Lord Mayor of Barnstaple. He is a member of the Devon Guard and a member of the National English Party under Lord Chris Braveheart. He works as a cattle rancher and county miner in Devon County's Barnstaple, also aspiring to travel and enter politics. He hopes to obtain a second field and help advance the Church and the NEP further in Devon County. He is philosophical, and interested in political science and military science, as well as future exploration of the Church Way.

His last name Constans comes from his recognition of his Romano-British heritage, as a member of the lineage of King Constans II of Britannia, the grandson of Emperor Constantine the Great of Rome, and the grandfather of King Arthur. Constans II was the son of Flavius Claudius Constantinus, known as Emperor Constantine III of the West, who was a Romano-British figure of imperial lineage and legionaire service. His sons were Uther Pendragon and Aurelius Ambrosius, or Emrys Wledig, the legendary royality. Uther Pendragon was a King who concieved Arthur, the legendary King of Camelot. This Romano-British legacy is a huge peice of Uthyr's lineage, loyalties, and style.

Uthyr has one "secondary character", his servant Servus. Servus Constantinus is latin for Servant of Constantine, thus being a house servant of House Constans, or essentially employed scholars, bodyguards, servants or supporters. Servus is Latin for such.

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