I would like to thank you for your significant contributions to this wiki with subjects about Preston and similar themes. You may well have noticed that I have been coming round and tidying up your articles behind you. This is becoming quite tedious for me. Please would you mind looking at the articles as I have corrected them eg. Cyrianna, Bridgwater, Preston Guest Book, and try to stick to that kind of style in the future. Just so you know what I mean, I will present my grievances on those articles.

  • Cyrianna
    • Infobox - picture and motto fields left with "None". Leaving the picture field with none makes the software try to bring up a picture called File:None.gif.
    • Text - Try to use full sentences. eg, "Lady Cyrianna, Viscountess of Preston is a former mayor and priestess of Preston." not "Former mayor and priestess of Preston"
  • Bridgwater
    • Infobox - same problem with picture, trying to find File:No Image.gif. Fields left empty, please fill them in by finding out the information!
  • Preston Guest Book
    • Content - not encyclopedic. That belongs on the Preston town forum.

Thank you for your time and attention.

So says Eljajo, lord of infrastructure pages 19:07, 24 September 2008 (UTC)

Thank you for your words. When it comes to my posting they are never the finished article. I merely make a quick entry and then continue to add to it when I can. It can be a few days before an article is in any kind of fit state. On pictures is there a link I'm missing to be able to browse the gallery? The only way I can see pictures is to go to the upload link everytime and search for what I'm looking for.

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