Renaissance Kingdoms
Eljajo Redadder
—  Canterbury chief mentor  —
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Eljajo Redadder
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Coat of arms
Personal motto: Laetus est homo qui scit
Family motto: Floreant serpens cervusque
Full title Mr. Eljajo Redadder
Place of Residence (unknown), Canterbury, Sussex
Affiliations Canterbury mentorship
Sussex News Network
Acilion Agency Press
Writers' Guild of the Isles
In-game name Eljajo95
Account created September 14, 2007
Forum name Eljajo95

Eljajo Redadder is a Level 2 character living in Canterbury, Sussex. He is the SNN's Chief, and the AAP's Assistant Editor. His human is (as of 25 October 2008) the top editor on the RK Wiki.