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The Upper Crust Bakehouse was a bakery on Cheapside, Preston, County Palatine of Chester. It was opened on the 28th May 1456 by Lady Ledge. Fronting number 9 on Main Street, Preston's latest bakehouse can be relied upon to provide its citizens with fresh bread and sweetmeats.

Thanks to a substance called sugar from Madeira, it is possible to sweeten bread which makes a lovely treat. Although, because the sugar is brought in by merchants in Bristol, it is very hard and expensive to get hold of. Therefore this is by special order only.

However for those whom prefer the simpler things in life, the Bakehouse sells:

  • Ledge Bread - Our typical loaves, defined with our star marking.
  • Cheese Bread - A delious cheese infussed bread.
  • Clapbread - A pancake made from oatmeal and flour.
  • Goosnargh Cakes - A shortbread made of either oatmeal/flour and caraway seeds.
  • Frumenty - Bolied cracked wheat. Perfect with meat as part of a pottage.

The bakehouse itself occupies the ground floor of number nine, the ovens being located at the back, and the baking area to the front. Customers generally do not have admitance here but will be served by either the baker, Agnes, or her apprentice, Jennet. They serve from either of the serving hatches on the frontage of the building. You may from standing on the deck outside the premises see the bread making process.

It is famed for its Goosnargh cakes, named after the village they were first made in, some 2 miles from Preston.

The bakehoused ceased business on the 30th of January 1457.

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