United Reformed Aristotelian Church [URAC]
Official Church of England
Countries Kingdom of England
Provinces Canterbury, YorkSouthwark
Allegiance to Reformed (England)
Religious Leader Council of Bishops, Council of Clergy

The United Reformed Aristotelian Church is one of the major Aristotelian Churches, along with the Roman Church. Formed in 1461 by the Priests and Bishops of England, it is the official church of the Kingdom of England. Also known as the Church of England, it covers the three Provinces of Canterbury, Southwark and York. All dioceses of England, previously holding allegiance to Rome, are now loyal to the Reformed Church.

The Church is led by the Council of Bishops and Council of Clergy, as well as a set of officials including the Patriarch, Syrusyoungermortimer, Chancellor Lordwilb and Rector Prof.sloth.

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