—  Royal House of Tudor  —
Tudor steelhelm
Coat of arms
Family motto: Through difficulties to great things.
Patriarch Arthur William Loxley Tudor
Important members Tasite, Novaphoenix, Sir_Bryan, Brianna, Aasha, Donnor, Thistletumbler, Kyley, Kenrich, Jorne, Wolfen, Ellyria, Magelet, Chancellor, Rexxboh, Bridget, Ariannad, Talwin
Nationality English
Land held Greystroke Castle (Cumberland), Penrith Castle (Cumberland), Caverswall Castle (Stafford), Coventry Castle (Stafford), Coughton Court (Stafford), Stokesay Castle (Stafford)
Affiliations none
Blood relations Stewart, de Balboa, Williams, Plantegenet, MacClaren, Petulengro, MacBratney, von Liechtenstein, Mallet, Halliwell, Lancaster, Hanley, River, Ming
Tudor Family Tree


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Living FamilyEdit

Deceased/Retired RelativesEdit

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