Triston Hohenzollern
—  Hastings resident  —
Triston Hohenzollern
Coat of arms
Personal motto: (unknown)
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Place of Residence (unknown), Hastings, Sussex
Affiliations House of Hohenzollern
In-game name Triston
Account created 21 June 2011
Forum name Triston

Background: Triston Hohenzollern was born out of wedlock to a Prusse lord, and a Scottish Commoner. He was raised in Prusse with the rest of his fathers family, including Leopold and the late Rohannon. He know's little of his mother or her family, only that he carries a pin of sorts that belonged to a mother, in the shape of a harp.

As a child and into his teen's, Triston trained as a landsknecht serving the HRE, though his true skill in combat was that of mounted archery. By the time he was 17 years of age, he was fighting the Turk's alongside his Uncle, Leopold. (ingame "_Leopold_") This eventually led Triston to be captured by the Turks, spending many months as a starved and tortured prisoner. Triston has several scar's about his person that claim proof of this fact. Thinking he was a lowborn German archer, Triston received his freedom when he was eventually traded to Milan, alongwith several hundred other troops, in exchange for the life of a Turkish Prince.

Once freed, he traveled to England, where he had heard the remains of his family now lived. Upon arriving in England, his Uncle Leopold sent him to work as a private guard to Lady Cordelia of Sussex. Triston immediately moved to Hastings, and dedicates his life to serving her ladyship.

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