Trinitarian Ecumenical Aristotelian Church
—  official Church of Greece  —
Country Kingdom of Hellas
Parishes Άγιος Γεώργιος, Κιλκίς, Σέρρες
Religious Leader Patriarch of Constantinople
(Alexios A' Comneno)

The Trinitarian Ecumenical Aristotelian Church (TEAC) is the official Church of Greece. It has three parishes: Άγιος Γεώργιος (Ágios Geórgios), Κιλκίς (Kilkís), and Σέρρες (Sérres). TEAC was created after the treaty between the Roman Church and the Greek Church on January 11th 2008 (RP: January 11th 1456). The basic difference between URAC and TEAC is that TEAC believe in Trinity of Jah, Christos and Aristotle while URAC does not. After this treaty, TEAC was an Autonomic Aristotelian Church under the URAC. Recently TEAC declare her independency from URAC and wish to be equal with URAC.

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