Travel is a player action. Once a player has achieved level 1 they can travel between two towns, counties and even kingdoms. Travel can only happen if there is a route for travelling available. For easy reference, a player can consult the map of the town(s)he is currently in, and view what travel options are available. The town map can be accessed from the Out of Town tab.

Players can travel alone, or in groups. Also, as they can be attacked or robbed en-route, it is safer for players, who aren't carrying any self defensive item (staff, shield or sword) to travel in a group. Each travel option requires a fixed number of days as journey time, which is specified on the game page.

As the player is travelling, (s)he may be able to view the status of the house, but can access only those items which are in the personal inventory. This means that the player cannot work on the field(s), or get the stuff lying around in their homes as long as they are travelling or are in a different town (just as in real life), however, you may have the option to hire other players in your home town to seed or havest your field(s)

Upon reaching the new town/county, players can view and work in that town. Also the forum will now show the discussions of this town, and not the town to which the player belongs. Players can buy or sell goods in the new town's market. However, it is better to consult the town's mayor or official, if there are any rules and regulations regarding the trading.

Players are also given the option to move permanently and become a resident of another town (the town they are in). If a player moves to another town without selling their fields first, they lose them, but if they move to a colony they keep their fields (there are currently no colonies available)

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