Town Councils or Town Administrations depending on what you use them for have multiple positions that can be assigned to different citizens of the town. They should be picked wisely as these position do control different parts of the town and if anything goes wrong it can really harm the town.

Chief Town Mentor - Leads the mentoring staff of assistant mentors.

Minister of Information - Keeps the mayor informed of information of the town.

Chief Town Adviser - & Staff - Gives advice to the mayor based on his laws or ideas or different areas of the town's economy.

Minister of Trade - Does trades for the town

Minister of Finance - Watches the markets, keeps an eye on the finance of the town.

Minister of Morale - Inspires the citizens of the town, organizes events for the town and such....

Town Tavern Keeper - Is the bar-tender of the town tavern and is to be there daily watching over it and have everything kept clean.

NOTE: The above position can change at any time by the mayor of the town.

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