A token is essentially a game item that can be purchased using real-world money.

Cost of TokensEdit

  • If purchased through PayPal, tokens can be purchased in lots of 7 for 9.95€ (approximately 1.42€ each)
  • If purchased through SMS+ system, tokens cost approximately 2€ each

Uses of TokensEdit

Within Renaissance Kingdoms, there are several services which can be accessed only via tokens:

  • Get a noble title. There are a number of advantages to being a noble.
  • Increase your characteristics.
  • Get money in the game.
  • Pray at church. This offers you a bunch of different options.

Purpose of TokensEdit

By making the purchase of tokens optional, the makers of RK allow the game to be offered free of charge, but give those who would like a leg up in the game a way to support the developers.

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