Tineu Aberan
—  Worcester Mercia  —
Tineu Aberan
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In-game name Tineu
Account created Novermber, 10th, 1465
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Early Life Edit

Tineu was born on November 9th, 1434 and raised as the youngest daughter of the Aberan family of Barnstaple. The daughter of a dockworker and a seamstress, her parents expected her to lead a similar life as they, but that took a turn for Tineu when she discovered the world of writing. As a girl spending time around and under the docks of Barnstaple, she was able to glean ideas from the foreigner sailors and travelers. It was through this medium that she unearthed her first book, and quickly became a connoisseur and a veracious reader. Throughout her younger years, this passion consumed her mind and through it, she expanded her mind and began looking outside the simple existence as a dockworker's daughter.

Worcester Edit

Shortly after those younger years had passed, Tineu's parents, in an effort to rein in their youngest daughter, decided that getting her settled and married would likely correct her wayward thoughts, and so began to have her matched to wed. However, Tineu was unwilling to abandon her dreams of learning and discovery, so she fled in the night from her home with the goal of reaching the university of Worcester. There she began a new life for herself working odd jobs until she could develop more marketable skills, acquired a home, and settled into her new life. She also began both writing and reading with the same passion that she had always known, reading legal documents and council archives from the annals of the town's hall and writing poems, stories, and drafting documents.

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