Thomasine of Manchester (Wash)
—  Manchester resident  —
Thomasine of Manchester (Wash)
Coat of arms
Personal motto: (unknown)
Full title Thomasine of Manchester
Place of Residence Belview Lane 1, Manchester, Westmorland
Affiliations none
In-game name Thomasine9
Account created 07 January 2017
Forum name Thomasine9

Background History:

Conceived out of wedlock as a result of a night of passion between a megalomaniac Lord of a south region and his wife's lovestruck chambermaid.
Masi and her mother, Genevieve, were banished from the estate on the eve of her birth. 
Thomasine was raised by her mother, who now made a living as a washwoman, in the slums of Manchester. When she was just a wee child her mother passed away, from an illness set in her lungs, making her one of the many street urchin's standing outside the cathedral, begging for food and coin. This is also when she founded the street gang called "The Crows" along with her childhood friend Evie.

Learning the arts of thievery she often stole crops and chickens to eat from local farmers, while living in dark alleys and street corners. As she blossomed into a young woman people took note of her beauty, even from under all that soot and dirt, working long hours in the damp and dark coal mines. Sometimes being able to earn her keep as a model for local artists.

At the mere age of seventeen she met the renowned pirate Captain and Wolf of Sherwood, a dreaded thieves guild known for revolts all over England, affiliate David Calamore, or Cuttlefish as he also went by in some, less law abiding circles, while visiting the local tavern.
Their love lasted until Calamore was lost at sea after departing from Scotland. 

Bonus Facts:
⚜Often seen getting questionably drunk at the Red Lion Inn, her favourite tavern.
⚜ Has the heart of an adventurer and the funds of a peasant.
⚜ Shy but can be pretty bold and promiscuous if she wants to be.
⚜ Has a bit of a temper.
⚜ Plays the jew's harp and is teaching herself to play the lute.

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