Thirsty Dragon Trading and Shipping Co.​ Edit

Trading company based at Chard, a port town in Devon, Kingdom of England.

Founding of the company​​Edit

Thirsty Dragon Trading and Shipping Company was founded by Croatian settlers in Chard, England in mid September of 1459. Founding members were the late Mayor of Chard, The_Kum, and Adrian_bekavac. Other significant share holders of the company include Neno1979, Brizz, Hadrijan and Darkomen.

What started out as a simple interest in trading and sailing, soon turned into a very successful business venture due to the ever growing interest in luxury products, both in England and mainland Europe.

For the ease of delivery of goods to clients on the Continent, Thirsty Dragon Company built their own trading vessel. The vessel was named Dalmat, to honour the shared heritage of the founding members (Dalmatia).

You can frequently encounter members of the company at the Crni Puh tavern in Chard. They are very friendly and generous with treating ale to tavern's guests so don't be surprised if you find youself having trouble holding the reins of your horse as you head home.


The company is famous for supplying large quantities of cider. In fact, it is the world's largest cider producer as many Croatian settlers in Chard distil this beverage exclusively ​for Thirsty Dragon (Neno1979, Brizz, Talija., Melpomena to name a few).

The company also expanded it's offer and now sells cow cheese as another Croatian settler, Undergod, opened up his cheese dairy.

Current inventory of Thirsty Dragon's warehouse in Chard:

- Tapestries

- Bottles of olive oil

- Casks of Irish whiskey

- Black Forest hams

- Barrels of cider

- Burgundy wine

- Bordeaux wine

- Champagne wine

- Tuscan wine

- Barrels of Porto wine

- Rioja wine

- Barrel of Retsina

- Goat cheese

- Anjou wine

- Cow cheese


If you're looking to buy or sell luxury goods, don't hesitate to contact Adrian_bekavac or one of his friendly deputies, Brizz and Melpomena.

Thirsty Dragon Trading and Shipping Co. always looks forward to trading with other merchants and high society individuals that enjoy the luxurious side of renaissance life. 

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