Lord Hodgson of Ribble Stead
—  Preston resident  —
Lord Hodgson of Ribble Stead
Hodgson Crowned
Coat of arms
Personal motto: Dominus Vobiscum
Full title Sir Winthrop Hodgson, Lord of Ribble Stead (Baronet of Preston)
Place of Residence (unknown), Preston, County Palatine of Lancaster
Affiliations Law Society, Universal and Roman Aristotelian Church of England, Lancaster Home Guard, 9th Division - National English Army, English Court of Appeals
In-game name Thedukeofholmby
Account created 26 May 2008
Forum name Thedukeofholmby

Sir Winthrop Hodgson, Lord of Ribble Stead, commonly known as "Thedukeofholmby", was a former Preston resident. He died on 6th November 1457 in unknown circumstances. He was a brave and gallant gentleman; devoted father and a loving husband.

Duke Suit

The Lord Hodgson of Ribble Stead on his Wedding Day

Family Edit

- Father : Unknown

- Mother : Unknown

- Brother : Sirfuller

- Sister : Unknown

- Wife : Ledge

- Children : Padraig and Lowena Sonnie

Curriculum Vitae Edit

  • Justice on English Court of Appeals
  • Apostolic Ambassador to Lancaster
  • Deacon of Preston
  • Preston Town Councilor - 6 terms
  • Miller
  • Farmer
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