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The Robland, or the full name, the Robland Republic also informally known as the Republic of Robland or the RR, was founded on the 6th of February 1461 by Roby Lambourne who was a previous citizen and Knight of the English Crown. The capital of the Robland is 33 St-Bridget's Lane, Egremont. 

Robland TerritoryEdit

The Robland Republic recognized 

Robland territorial waters

Robland Territorial Waters

the residence and land of Roby Lambourne as Robish.

The node of Keswick is also recognized as Robish. Kels Bells Tavern is recognized as Robish. Holywell's welcome Inn is also recognized as Robish. The Islet of Rockall is recognised as Robish. Land recognized as Robish are places that have had a pink sock flag placed within the territory and as such has been claimed by the Robland Republic. 

Robland capital town map territory

Robland Capital

History of the Robland RepublicEdit

The Robland was born out of disdain for English leadership and it was decided a republic would be founded with its own customs, residents and policies separate from England and even the rest of the British Isles due to a number of statements and decisions made by English government.

'And there are those who want to rush off to fight, prepared or not. I've heard a few conversations about it. They want to make a grand gesture, showing their bravery and making it clear how much they hate what the other side stands for. We understand this, but cannot agree to it happening, or support it. Any individual or organisation, operating alone or in concert, to undermine the peace talks currently taking place between the Kingdom of Waterford and the Regency with an unsanctioned attack or advancement into Irish waters will be considered rogue. This means that any consequence of their actions, whether it be arrest, property damage, injury or death, will be solely on their own shoulders.'

When the citizens who wanted to fight for their kingdom were hence forth recognized as rogue by the state they supported, it was decided the Robland Republic would stand against the decision to be seen as rogue so instead declare Independence finding national recognition as Robish Residents of Robland.

In April of the year 1461, a referendum was held within the town of Egremont for the residents to vote if they wished to remain citizens of the English town or if they wish to support independence ensuring the recognition as Robish Citizens of the City-State of the Robland Republic.

Robland signature

Robland Policies and the ConstitutionEdit

There are 5 laws set into the constitution of the Robland Republic which are the following in order: 

  1. All clothes are banned with few exceptions.
  2. Beer drinking is compulsory 
  3. All Girls must hug each other and boys all the time 
  4. Cake must be eaten at a moments notice when requested 
  5. All citizens and tourists have the option of speaking English or Robish 

Though not policies of the constituation of the Robland, since the residents of the Robland founded the country after being English citizens after the declaration of war against the Celtic Alliance, the Robland Republic is at war with the Celtic Alliance and is unaffected by any English cease-fire, Surrender or peace agreements with the said faction that exist after the second of February 1461.

On the 9th of June, 1461, The Robland Republic declared a cease-fire against the Celtic Alliance and supports peace with the nation of Ireland and the governing body of the Celtic Alliance. 

The Robland Republic, and I Roby Lambourne as autocratic leader of the Robland Republic, wish to announce that on this day, 9th June 1461, the Robland Republic now recognizes the faction known as the Celtic Alliance as a neutral faction and no longer hostile. This is in regards to now being a political prisoner within the English county of Westmorland. 

In observation of the fact that the Celtic Alliance and the Kingdom of England are still at hostilities, I also wish to note that the Robland Republic's view of England as a neutral faction remains unchanged. 

Signed this day, 

Roby Lambourne  Robland Republic  9th June, 1461

The Robland Republic recognizes Galloway's right to Independence from the crown of Scotland for as long as the county pursues that desire.  The Robland recognizes England as one country as opposed to four counties.

Foreign TreatiesEdit

The Robland Republic originally had publicly declared it will cooperate with the English armed forces in defense of the British Isles against the Celtic Alliance as well as performing offensive operations against Ireland in the event of an invasion of Mainland Britain but given actions by the English King, Slon Williams, a statement was made changing the stance and the Robland Republic now refuses to assist England against the CA.

Official National stances on Counties, Nations and private organisations from the leadership of the Robland Republic. 

Given the Robland's infant existence as a micronation, I believe it is important for me to outline the interior relations to exterior forces that may help establish the planning of relations and possible treaties. 

Once the Robland has an official set up, diplomatic niceties will be more readily available with counties, nations and private groups of the world. It is my dream to be able to make a city-state nation to be recognized as a trade hub of all matter of market goods and services. To ensure this, I first wish to ensure military and security issues are acknowledged to avoid dictating people's independence of the town of Egremont to be known as the Robland Republic if they so wish to be independent from the established factions already present within the English speaking British Isles. 

I believe I need to clarify that the Robland is not some political party with intention of creating division within England, simply because the Robland will not be any part of England other then geographical location within the Isle of Great Britain. The Robland is to be a town of opportunity for those who seek new beginnings and a fresh outlook on political affairs both internally and externally. Trade, Freedom and an active military and naval force, if required, are the three things I wish to achieve with a city-state with self rule. 

The Robland is to be a safe heaven away from any British Isle interior conflict with word or sword and is to be a place with intent to be able to have fresh relations with our neighbors should their motives not to be about crushing liberties where they may exist. 

Now the foundations of the Robland Republic have being outlined and explained, I wish to explain further of what concerns I as the founder of the Robland have with exterior forces that may intend to work against us upon establishment as a sovereign nation. 

Kingdom of England

I understand that given recent misapplications of the Robland, it is believed that it is simply to create division amongst English citizenry. I wish to explain that this is not the intention of myself or the Robland. The Robland wishes to welcome those who are displeased with their political leaders be they; county councils, privy councils, war councils, admiralty boards, Monarchs or otherwise. This is an extended invitation to welcome those of English, Scottish, Irish nationalities or stateless individuals who are already frustrated with established leaderships within the British Isle, the Robland is not to create discontent amongst those who are happy with their national leaders of all kinds but to unite those who are not. 

The Robland wishes to seek a peaceful coexistence with the nation of England and to promote, peace, trade, judicial and military cooperation to ensure the existence of the Robland and to guarantee the English people no hostilities will ever exist towards their nation from the direction where the Pink sock flag flies when the people of England and the leadership of the Robland have the same goals and wishes. 

That is why the Robland wishes to seek a physical location of the city-state within the town of Egremont using a peaceful democratic approach of a local people's referendum and not with the use of unpopular forceful military revolt. 

Due to the concerns of safety I and the citizenry of the Robland will have in regards to English leadership or even English individuals attempting to combat the birthing of the Robland city state, I do have concerns of allowing English residents to remain in the town and the lands which are seeking its own national recognition and would require those people to either take up Robland citizenry if residing within the town or vacate to an English town if they wish to remaind English as well as the full removal of westmorland and English naval and land armed forces from the town and the surrounding land until the arrangement of a military agreement could be achieved.  As for citizens who may reside in the possible future location of the Robland, if citizenry was taken up as Robland residents, removal of English and county forces would have to be immediate or would require those individuals to also vacate to an English town. If the town of Egremont was successfully voted as the new nation of the Robland Republic, all naval forces, County or National, will also be required to leave the port of the nation instead seeking docking in a non-Robish port, again unless a military agreement is pursued.  Update: Following the political activism taken against King Slon of England on the 1st of may, 1461, the leader of the Robland Republic, Roby Lambourne, was declared an outlaw of England from the 5th of May, 1461 until the 5th of July 1461 and was arrested by Westmorland for 3 days starting on the 8th of June, 1461. 

A case for review in regards to Westmorland's conviction was accepted by the English court of Appeals on the 18th of June, 1461 and is ongoing. 

Independent Galloway

The Robland does indeed recognize Galloway as an independent nation from that of Scotland's monarchs, as we ourselves have strong views on supporting freedom and independence if the majority of the people within the area so wish it. The Robland would be pleased to seek any form of diplomatic agreements with the Galloway territory and I wish to remind them that the Robland with it's fresh start will not have the same history or military friction that has being known between the two factions in the past, so we would happily seek cooperation with the county of Galloway should the feeling be mutual. 

Royalist Glasgow

As myself, Roby Lambourne, past frictions have existed with the land of Glasgow in the past upon fighting with the intention to remove Celtic influence on the British Isle when I was an English resident. Though my personal interactions may be unappreciated with a handful of citizens within the territory of Glasgow, by no means does that mean I wish I would not allow for diplomatic pursuits when it comes to trade and judicial cooperation especially when I fought there in the past in the defense of liberation which is another foundation stone of the Robland Republic. 

The Celtic Alliance

I have being pleasantly surprised at the approach by some individuals of the Celtic Alliance actively supporting the intention behind a liberated city-state even with its appeal of republicanism. Though the Robland currently holds a stance of war against the Celtic Alliance given past relations, should the Celtic Alliance wish to approach peaceful negations with no demands from either side of the table upon the recognition of the Robland Republic, it may be considered that trade would be pursued with the factions of the Celtic Alliance of Ireland should the leaderships of the faction not wish to dictate or crush the hopes of liberation when present within the British Isles and should the people of the Robland vote in support of trade as opposed to conflict. 

Update: The Celtic Alliance is now viewed as a neutral nation in the eyes of the Robland Republic having being a political prisoner within Westmorland.

Wolves of Sherwood

The Robland recognizes this group as English rebels, as the Robland is not English the wolves of Sherwood are not recognized as hostile but obviously, criminal activity will change that opinion should they seek to harm the town, lands or people of the Robland Republic.

Religion of the Robland Edit

The Robland Republic is a URACE Religion stronghold and is not affected by the schism of the English URAC church though its member are welcome to visit as tourists but not promote their religion. The followers of cheatus and the AAC are not welcome as residents within the Robland Republic at this time though are recognized.  Paganism is also accepted to be practiced in the RR. 

Political Activism against King Slon of EnglandEdit

On the 1st of May, 1461, King Slon of England, his heir Rain_ and their sole escort Gabrain were attacked by Roby Lambourne and Siren following threats against freedom of speech within the English town of Egremont, Westmorland. Roby Lambourne had previously stated a Referendum for the citizens of Egremont would take place in the hopes to gain independence from England. 

The final referendum results were as follows:

Aye to Independence - 6

Nay to Independence - 19

Abstain - 1

In the outcome of the referendum the town of Egremont remained English and the view of the majority was respected and no further action was taken for independence. Following the vote however was a discussion taken by a number of residents and the King.

Roby Lambourne of the Robland Republic stated:

Any of these things done against Robish supporters simply for their support won't be acceptable. 

- Kill listing  - Outlawing  - Arresting  - Harassment  - Threatening  - Intimidating  - Restriction of travel  - Baiting  - Assaulting  - Blackmail

KIng Slon of England stated:

The Crown is still working on a response to those individuals who voted in support of Egremont independence, and would advise those individuals to recant their support for secession. In the meantime, the Crown shall not be leaking any details of what the response shall be.

I wish to remind you that nobody has the right to independence. Nobody has the right to treason. Independence is treason, and I'm not sure why some revisionist propaganda has been spreading throughout the country that somehow implies that it is normal or proper for citizens to attempt to secede.

- - - - - - - - - 

The Robland, viewing this as an injustice against freedom of speech and democracy within England and the British Isles declared Slon and Rain a hostile threat to the Robland Republic and a statement was released on the 22nd of April, 1461. 

- - - - - - - - - -

These are the words of Roby Lambourne, founder and Autocratic First Minister of the Robland Republic. 

Citizens, I have declared Independence from England founding the sovereign nation known as the Robland Republic in the sole intention of claiming my legal and moral rights due to lengthy and reoccurring disappointments in English leadership in light of facing hostile forces. 

The residents of Egremont were provided the opportunity to vote by partaking in a referendum to state their desire to join existing territory of the Robland Republic or to remain English under the crown of Slon Williams of England. The residents of the town of Egremont voted to remain English and that majority vote shall be respected, with this I promise. 

Given recent concerning comments voiced by the Crown of England and the heir to the crown of England however, it is clear to all that the King of England has no desire to respect the opinion of those who voted for independence, clearly disappointed with the English leadership of late, and I fear for their safety and their right to freedom of speech. In light of this, due to continued consideration by the Crown of England in regards to declaring all those who used their freedom of speech, to state their desire for the town of Egremont to leave English sovereignty, as possible traitors, I see no other option but to state my intent to stand with those people and their right with my sword and shield in their and my own defense. 

I wish it also to be known that there are those who did not take part in the local poll due to their residency in other parts of England and there are those who reside within the town who did not vote for independence with their only reason being it was too restricting on the town and those who reside there, not because they support English leadership in its current state. 

The people should realize there are more then six voters, who stand under threat from the tyrant King and his supporters, who will be required to have their voices not only heard, but understood and supported and hopefully achieve a peaceful and cooperative resolution with the leadership of England with the change of their current threatening stance to that of clemency towards the supporters of Independence and/or the Robland Republic. 

So until the opinion of clemency is held by the crown of England, I hereby declare Slon Williams and his heir, Lorraine Stewart-Williams, hostiles of the sovereign nation of the Robland Republic, her citizens and her supporters due to the rising threat of security against the citizen's and supporter's desires to live in self-governed peace. 

I speak now to the people of England. I have no desire for unlawful powers within your land. I will name no man an enemy who does not so declare himself. Even so, the property of those enemies will not be appropriated and their person, when in proximity to the territory of the Robland Republic, will remain in content so long as their opposition be peaceful. 

Moreover, to any man that has taken personal vendetta against me and now regrets it or there are those who are thinking of raising the sword against me and the supporters of the Robland Republic, I now offer full amnesty. However, those that continue to use violence to oppose my legal rights shall receive that which they seek to give. 

Under the auspices, these are the words of Roby Lambourne, founder of the Robland Republic.  Signed this day, 22nd of April 1461

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Roby knew Slon and Rain would soon be leaving the town of Egremont to travel the rest of the nation of England or return home so a plan of justice and political activism was concoted to apprehend the enemies of the Robland on the roads.

On the first of May, after Roby Lambourne requested the aid of Siren and traveled with his wife, Tethys and friend Richard for security to Penrith. Roby and Siren traveled to the Appleby ruins and waited a day knowing the King and his party of two would soon be passing by. Roby and Siren successfully attacked the party and in the process removed 1227.12 pounds and a large collection of food items. Due to the nature of the event, the money and goods were returned to the victims at the receiving end of political activism. The hostiles of the Robland were apprehended resolving the issue of Slon dictating the people of Egremont.

Following the events of the attack, Roby and Siren were declared outlaws of England on the 1st of May, 1461 for 6 months each. Roby negotiated with Slon to allow the safe passage of himself and Siren to return to the town of Egremont in return of the money and goods taken from the King's purse and the outlaw status was delayed for 5 days.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

For high treason against the Crown of England, Roby Lambourne and Siren are declared outlaws, and may be killed without punishment for the period of 6 months. 

Written this day, 30th April 1461, in London    HRM King Slon Williams of England 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Roby Lambourne is given freedom of movement to return to Egremont. Therefore, the start date for his outlawry is pushed back to Sunday, May 5th. All armies are requested to take him off of their kill lists until this date. 

Written this day, 1st May 1461, in London    HRM King Slon Williams of England 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

On the 2nd of May, Roby's future defense lawyer, Derwent, stated King Slon did not follow correct procedures set out by his own previous decree and a opinion poll for the public took place within the London Commons.

Part 2. National Outlawry. 

• Upon duly considered recommendations and consultations with/from County Officials (Count, Judge, Prosecutor, Captain) the Crown may determine that an individual presents a serious, ongoing risk to the King’s Peace and declare them Outlaw.  • The Status of Outlawry being placed on an individual will run for a period of 6 months unless a shorter term is specified by the Monarch, and the individual will be so informed in writing by the Attorney General, and the matter will be published in the London Commons via a signed, sealed Royal Decree.  • The Status of Outlawry makes it lawful for Armies or other Town/County/Nationally authorized military groups or agents protecting the towns and borders of England to strike the outlaw without warning or discussion.  • The status of Outlawry is not banishment, not a court sentence, and may not be included in a Court Sentence.  • The Monarch must consider the grave consequences of declaring a person to be an Outlaw and not so do because of minor infractions or unpopular/political banter and argument. This status is specifically targeted at criminal elements, not at political opponents.  • The Status of Outlawry may be lifted from an individual either by a signed, sealed Royal Decree, published in the London Commons, or by a two-thirds measure to this effect passed by the English House of Parliament.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

The opinion resulted in:

Aye for revoking the outlaw status - 51

Nay for revoking the outlaw status - 44

On the 18th of May, 1461, a appeal was made to the English House of Parliament in an attempt to overturn the Slon's outlaw decree. The HOP vote finished as follows:

Aye to revoke the outlaw status - 5

Nay to revoke the outlaw status - 14

Abstain - 3

On the 30th of May King Slon revised the outlaw status against Roby from 6 months to 2 months and revised the outlaw decree against Siren from 6 months to 3 months. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Crown notes the vote in the House of Parliament rejecting the outlawry appeal by Roby Lambourne. 

However, as promised, the Crown is issuing a revision to the outlawry lengths for both Roby and Siren, as follows: 

The outlawry period for Roby is reduced from 6 to 2 months, to expire on the 5th of July, 1461. 

The outlawry period for Siren is reduced from 6 to 3 months, to expire on the 1st of August, 1461. 

The outlawry decree is under review by the Crown and its advisors at the moment, but all currently declared outlaws- which means Blackw0lf and the ones mentioned above- shall remain on the list. However, there are some points that the Crown wishes to clarify: 

The Crown acknowledges the distinction between banishment and outlawry, and notes that outlawry does not carry banishment's limit of a maximum of 3 months- instead following the 6 months established by the existing outlawry decree. Despite this, the persistence in using the maximum punishment of 6 months is a worrying trend, and extreme care is advised when setting that time limit. 

For concerns regarding double jeopardy, the Crown wishes to stress the difference between a punishment for a single crime, and the use of outlawry. While outlawry cannot be decreed as a second punishment, separate from a court's verdict, for a crime, this does not render outlawry obsolete. Outlaws are those who pose ongoing threats to the King's Peace, and that is the rationale that guides outlawry decrees. 

Roby repeatedly made secessionist and traitorous threats against the Crown, declared independence in time of war, and attempted regicide, which could have left the Kingdom in chaos, especially if the heir had also been murdered. Based on this willful trend of traitorous actions, and the combined sum of all of them, outlawry for him remains. Siren has been an outlaw for a long time before, and has shown time after time a disregard for English law, as repeated robberies and revolts have shown. This pattern of behavior, rather than a specific crime, forms the rationale for another outlawry period for her. 

The Crown feels that it has spent more than enough of its attention on the matter of these two specific outlaws. While it shall continue to review the outlawry decree, it considers this specific matter to be put to rest. 

Written this day, 30th May 1461, in London    HRM King Slon Williams of England 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

On the 8th of June, Roby Lambourne was arrested by the Westmorland county for 3 days and fined £1 by Judge Henry Wallace. 

Lawsuit between Roby123 and Westmorland  May 1461 

Roby123 was charged with the act of public disorder. 

The sentence has been passed. 

The Verdict

The defendant has been proven guilty of public disorder. 

I have be send of letter to Sir Roby: 

'Sir Roby, 

I be Judge of Westmorland and it have be show that you has rob three peoples in Westmorland. Trial is still happen, but I wish to be give for you this offer. You shall be find guilty of Robbery and then: 

1/ You can be donate £600 to Westmorland 

This be so £600 is be give to you victim. 

2/ You is spend 3 day in Army without pay as agree with Elijahh. 

Please to let me know if you agree with this. 

Henry Wallace' 

Money have be donate, but army time not is do. Sir Roby have say to me he is wish time in jail if he not serve army, so this I is agree with. 

I find Sir Roby guilty of robbery and sentence him 3 days in prison. 

Henry Wallace. 

The defendant has been sentenced to prison sentence 3 days et A fine of 1 pound.

Bill of Indictment

Roby, you are hereby charged with public disorder. Under the laws prescribed in the Westmorland Book of Criminal Law (Chapter II, Article 4, Section A), such an act of attempted robbery of which you are accused is classified as public disorder. 

Evidence of your misdeed is recorded here.

Your victim, Gabrain, will testify. The other two victims may or may not testify. 

You now have two (2) days to submit your First Defense Plea or to request an extension of up to three (3) days from the Judge. You have the right to a Defense Counsel. If you are unable to locate your own, you may contact the Count of Westmorland, Count Eldarad, to have one provided for you. A request for a Defense Counsel must be made within the two (2) day time frame allotted for the submission of your First Defense Plea.

First Defense Pleading

He entered the courtroom and took a seat before listening to what was stated to him before standing up to reply. "I plead not guilty. Also I wish to inform the court that my legal counsel is on route to the westmorland and Judge Henry is aware of this. I am sure he will prepare our case in public view once things are in order."

Prosecutor Indictment

"Your honor, Judge Henry...I come to present to you a case of a misguided deed gone wrong. Yet, in all this, it does not change the fact that a robbery was committed and innocent victims were excised of their property. Two of the victims of the group reported the event to the Westmorland Prosecutor's Office where upon I commenced an investigation. 

The facts as they stand are: 

The King, Slon Williams, his heir, Rain Williams, and a third member of the party, one Gabrain left Egremont on a journey south. 

The attack took place on the road near the old town of Appleby. 

Both His Majesty and Gabrain recognized the assailants, Roby and his accomplice Siren. 

The members of the traveling party were divested of their goods and monies. 

Shortly thereafter, Roby made a public statement in the Prosecutor's Office as to the purpose of this robbery. 

You will hear testimony that this was merely a political statement. 

You will hear testimony that the accused has already been found guilty of a crime. 

This was, in fact, a robbery, and Roby must be found guilty of this baseless attack on three innocent victims. 

Thank you, your Honor"

Last Defense Pleading

The defendant didn't appear in Court.

Prosecution Witness Statement: Gabrain

I was walking behind the King and the Princess carrying all my worldly possessions when that madman stepped out in front of us and started saying things about the King and some place called Robland and he really wasn't making much sense, but he was brandishing a weapon and so, I went to defend the King. However, it didn't do much good, he had help from one called Siren. I got hit in the knee and while it didnt' draw blood, it caused me to fall to the ground. The knock on the back of the head put me out and when I came to, everything I owned was gone. I lost over 650 pounds, 4 corn and 3 fish to the best of my recollection, however, I have no proof of these amounts.

Prosecution Witness Statement: Slon

As I was walking along the Westmorland roads, approaching the ruins of old Appleby, I was attacked and robbed by Siren, who appear to have been waiting for me along the path.

I lost about 450 pounds worth of cash, as well as a number of items, including some food, 2 shovels, a cart, and some other items that I cannot recall. 

I was also weakened due to having to spend a day without food, until I could arrive at Kendal, at which point I was jailed for vagrancy. Since then, I have been transferred 30 pounds from Roby Lambourne, and have asked for the remaining money to be given to Gabrain.

An appeal to gain compensation and a fair justice against the court of Westmorland was accepted by the English Court of Appeals on the 18th of June, 1461 and is currently on going. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Sir Derwent it is the conclusion of the court on what has been presented, that the laws of Westmorland have been violated as well as the defendants rights under the EoHA. 

The Westmorland Book of Criminal Law 

CHAPTER I: Rights  1.Right to Justice - All persons shall have free access to the Public Prosecutor's Office.  2.Right to a Fair Trial - No one shall be punished by the courts without first having a fair trial.  3.Right to Disclosure - No one shall be held accountable for any County or Town laws not displayed in the Westmorland Inn or respective Town Hall forum and Mayor's Message.  4.Right to Defence Counsel - Those accused of a crime shall be entitled to call upon a defence counsel.  5.Right to Appeal - Those convicted of a crime shall have the right to appeal to the English Court of Appeals.  6.Right to Free Speech and Belief - All persons have the right to freedom of speech and freedom of thought as long as such expressions do not constitute instigation to a crime (Ch.II/Art.4).

EoHA  3. Justice  1. No person within the Kingdom of England shall be deprived of their life, liberty or property by the governments of England or its Counties without a fair trial, subject to the provisions of Clause 4.1 of this Act.  2. No person shall be held to answer for breach of any document which is not displayed in a prominent place or be denied access to the evidence being used against them in a Court Of Law.  3. Those accused of a crime shall have the right to call upon a defence counsel to advise them on their testimony or give a legal argument as a witness called by the defence.  4. Any person in the Kingdom of England may apply to the Court of Appeals, subject to the Court of Appeals' own rules and guidelines.  5. Any person who has been the victim of a crime, described in the county's legal corpus or in national laws, or has witnessed a crime taking place, has the right to request legal proceedings.

It is without end the court finds:  Error in the application of laws, treaties or charters  Improper Procedure  Inability of the Presiding Court to accept or access evidence or witnesses  With these violations of the defendants rights Roby123’s appeal is hereby granted and shall commence on the morn of June 24th. Please forward all the names you wished summoned to the court and the court shall notify the respective county as to who shall be the respondent for the county. The court shall see you on the morn of the 24th and bids thee a good day.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Robish influence to English politicsEdit

English politics has seen several changes in light of the Robland Republic declaring independence, the most obvious changes have being discussed within the English house of Parliment from; The process of appeals, the process of declaring outlaw decrees for 6 months, the process of declaring first time offenders as outlaws and most recently new proposals to the national treason law.

On the 30th of May, the speaker of England's parliment, Balericadder, started a discussion for the revised national treason law. 

- - - - - - - - - - 

National Treason Law  1. Preamble  The Crown of England, its constituent counties and their leaders, and the people of England, do hereby enact this law to be the definitive guide of treason. Treason is any attempt, successful or unsuccessful, to overthrow the government of England and/or the legal leadership by an English citizen. 

2. Examples  Specific Treasonous actions include but are not limited to:  1. Commanding an army which has not been given authorization to exist or acts outside its authorization as a National or Royal Army, including acting on foreign soil without authorization from the Monarch or Parliament.  2. Captaining a ship that attacks an English port or commits an act of Piracy as defined by England's laws.  3. Revealing political, economic or military information to an enemy from private discussions without authorization.  4. Claiming a false authority to act, instigate or approve an action on behalf of the Kingdom of England  5. Any attempt, successful or not, to cause physical harm to the Monarch, Heir and/or Regent, excepting agreed upon duels.  6. The act of turning any territory under the authority of England (county or town) independent by force or by vote without prior Monarch or Parliamentary approval. 

3. Jurisdiction and Punishment  1. The National Treason Law does not replace any Town or County Laws as each county has laws that deal with treason (ex: revolt of a town hall or county council).  2. A crime of National treason is punishable in any court in England and may have any punishment, depending on the severity of the crime, up to and including death and/or banishment. Depending on the severity of the crime and additional past actions, a Monarch may also choose to add the traitor to the National Outlaw or Pirate lists as a threat to English peace.  3. Any citizen of England found guilty of Treason may also face attainder at the Monarch's will. No person stained by attainder may hold any noble title until the attainder is revoked by the Monarch.

- - - - - - - - 

Previously the law did not include the proposal for a referendum for independence to be classed as treason within England. The law has not yet passed or being thrown out by the English House of Parliment. As well as this addition, Kalens MP also raised the discussion to Amend or Remove the Outlawry Edict following the outlawing of Roby to lower the length of time a person is outlawed for, how ethical kill lists are against criminals and should the monarch and counties stop declaring first time offenders as outlaws.

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