The Guild of English Artisans is a GOAS (Forum= Guild/Organisation/Association/Society) primarily for those of at least Level 2 who are following the workshop of the Blacksmith or Carpenter

Mission StatementEdit

  • The Guild of English Artisans is a group of skilled artisans dedicated to protecting and promoting blacksmiths’ and carpenters’ interests.
  • The GEA is organized for educational and training purposes, including the following: to encourage and facilitate the establishment of training for aspiring carpenters and blacksmiths; to disseminate information about sources of material and equipment; to expose the arts of blacksmithing and carpentry to others; and to serve as a centre of information about carpentry and blacksmithing for interested groups and the general public.
  • The Guild of English Artisans was established on the premise that information about the blacksmithing & carpentry trades must be shared in order to preserve it. That tradition of sharing and friendship is the most unique aspect of the Guild and the community it represents. The GEA is committed to the highest standards of ethics, quality of workmanship, and fair representation in the market for its members.


The GEA is responsible for writing the guides on Blacksmithing and Carpentry and for keeping them up to date. Though their own guides are not yet published in the University of England due to Moderator Inaction which keeps the old Guides, the GEA have published their guides to Blacksmiths and Carpenter's over the years through word of mouth as advice, through their own website ( and largely through their advertising.


  • The Guild was founded in November 1453 by Lucas-Miguel Avis to protect the dying trade of the English Blacksmith whom were being undercut by Ruthless Rebel French tradesmen who came to England in an effort to make money by making England bankrupt.
  • Contary to its name, the GEA accepts anyone in as long as they are a Blacksmith/Carpenter and live in England, to this end its not English per se, but those willing to play fair in the English Market.
  • When Lucas stepped aside for fresh blood to take the reigns, Dee_snider was his chosen successor and he brought the GEA to new heights.
  • Unfortuantly it was not meant to last and the new Guild Master of the GEA is currently Hess, the GEA still struggles with inactivity but are still largely the sole instructor to the new prospective Blacksmiths and Artisans.
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