Thalia Beckindale ReynaldEdit

Thalia was born a few miles outside of Canterbury's walls to Ruth Beckindale. Ruth died shortly after her daughter's birth, leaving Thalia to be raised by her aunt Mary. Her father left months before she was born, and seemed to have absolutely no interest in his unborn child, since Ruth heard nothing from him. Ruth did however make her sister promise to write Thalia's father with the news of his daughter.

Her aunt Mary raised her on the farm she had been born on, and kept her from going into town, fearing what people would say of her. Thalia yearned for human companionship outside her aunt, but was left to practice her stitching, singing, and reading most of the time. When Mary died, Thalia was twelve years old, and more than capable of caring for herself. Most thought she would go into the church, and for a time she considered it greatly.

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