Nysira Feist
—  Evesham resident  —
Nysira Feist
Coat of arms
Personal motto: Stop working for a living, and start working at living
Full title None
Place of Residence (unknown), Evesham, Worcester
In-game name Nysirafeist
Account created 19 April 2009
Forum name Nysirafeist

Nysira Feist is a young women who ran away to Chester as a young girl. She's traveled around a bit, and knows the road plan for the whole of England (And perhaps a part of Scotland), but all she really wants to do now is settle down.


Nysira was cut off from her parents when she ran away from them in her early teens. She had a boyfriend in Chester, but the relationship was cut short when he was killed in a revolt.
Since that was quite some years ago, she has recovered from her past and wishes to start anew. One day, she hopes, she will even have children and grandchildren.


Travel while young, as her father used to say, Nysira followed up her passion of travel after the death of her boyfriend, so as to rid herself of Chester and her past. Surprisingly, her father once also wanted to travel, though instead he decided to follow in his father's footsteps as a Blacksmith.


Here was where Nysira lived for several years of her life. She worked at the mine every day and then headed straight home, therefore she never met nor spoke to any other residents. Some would say she avoided others like they were the plague.
Once achieving the status of a Vagrant, she left Chester behind her, to visit other places. Her goal here was Southampton.






Nysira had traveled for about seven days, and finally took rest here in Evesham. Here was where she met Lady_bunny, a kind passer by who had dropped into an Inn for a drink before she left to travel. It was then when Nysira decided she'd be better off settling off, even though she was but a week away from her destination.
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