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Commander Telcara
—  Current: Glasgow City Scotland  —
Commander Telcara
Coat of arms
Personal motto: I'm cute and innocent!
Full title Commander Telcara McaGregor,
  • Wife of Tosher McaGregor,
  • Lady of Something,
  • Keeper of Yummy Cloaks and Cookies
Place of Residence (unknown), Current: Glasgow City, Glasgow
Affiliations Dead
In-game name Telcara.
Account created 25 September, 2008
Forum name Telcara.

Role Play descriptionEdit




Countries Visited and/or lived inEdit

Telcara has always enjoyed travelling and gets restless if she must stay in one area for too long. She travelled to many town in Old England, Scotland and some towns in Ireland.

Explanation: Bold (current county) = Current capital in that county

Bold and cursive = Former capital in former county

Cursive = Town in ruins, no longer exists

Normal (current county) = Town still active in that county

Old England Visited 27/48Edit

Former County of Cumberland: Carlisle, Penrith (Westmorland), Keswich, Egremont (Westmordland)
Former County Palatine of Lancaster: Lancaster, Liverpool (Westmorland), Preston, Kendal (Westmorland), Appleby, Manchester (Westmorland)
Former County Palatine of Chester: Chester, Holywell (Westmorland), Beeston
Former County of Stafford:Stafford, Birmingham, Shrewsbury (birth town), Lichfield (Mercia, fomer residence), Derby (Mercia}, Ludlow (former residence)
Former County of Worcester: Worcester (Mercia}, Hereford, Evesham (Mercia}
Former County of Somerset: Gloucester
Former County of Wiltshire: Oxford, Salisbury (Devon), Winchester
Sussex: Arundel (Sussex was the only english county to not merge)

New England Visited 12/20)Edit

Westmorland: Penrith, Egremont, Kendal, Liverpool, Manchester, Holywell
Mercia: Derby, Lichfield (former residence), Worcester, Evesham
Devon: Salisbury
Sussex: Arundel

Scotland Visited old: 10/13, new 7/7Edit

County of Glasgow: Glasgow (former residence), Stirling, Ardencaple (former residence)
County of Galloway; Carlisle (when the impossible happened), Dumfries, Kirkcudbright, Wigtown (current residence), Whithorn, Girvan (after part of Galloway)
Former county of Ayr: Girvan (before part of Galloway), Ayr, Largs,

Ireland Visited 3/11Edit

An Mumhaim: Port Lairge (yet to visit it as Kingdom of Waterford)
Laighean: Cill Channigh, An Tlnbhear Mo


Army Way with focus on sefaring

Accepting teaching offers anywhere

  • Master's in Latin: 10%
  • Master's in ancient Greek: 0%
  • Master's in modern languages: 20%
  • Study of government institutions : 19 %
  • Basic knowledge of the military : 100 %
  • Basic tactics : 100 %
  • Basic Seafaring : 100 %
  • Astronomy : 100 %
  • Advanced Seafaring : 100 %
  • Basic Naval Engineering : 100 %
  • Advanced Naval Engineering : 100 %
  • Expert Seafaring : 100 %
  • Basic Naval Combat : 100 %
  • Advanced Naval Combat : 100 %
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