Tasitè Alyna Tudor
—  Penrith Westmorland, England  —
Tasitè Alyna Tudor
Coat of arms
Personal motto: Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain.
Full title Marchioness of Tyne & Wear, Viscountess of Penrith and Lady of Penrith Castle
Place of Residence (unknown), Penrith, Westmoreland
Affiliations Royal House of Tudor
In-game name Tasite
Account created 2 May, 2010
Forum name Tasite

Tasitè Alyna Tudor is a resident of Penrith, Westmorland, Kingdom of England.

  • Mother to Marius Nataniel McKenzie born April 02,1456
  • Mother to Audrey Rose McKenzie born May 20, 1460
  • Current Member of the Royal Family of Tudor
  • Married: Krezlar McKenzie April 01, 1459

History Edit

Tasite was born Oct 31 1438 to Charles Windsor and Elizabeth de Valois. Elizabeth de Valois was Catherine de Valois's sister, who was married to Owen Tudor. Owen and Catherine were extremely close to the Windsor family, living on adjoining estates. When tragedy befell Elizabeth, Charles could not handle taking care of his children well. In his grief, he grew listless and eventually died of a broken heart. Owen had grown extremely fond of the Windsor children, taking both into his heart and home, and adopting them. Treating them as if they were his own.

This was a good thing for the Windsor children, Tasite and Brianna Tudor became sisters, causing mischief every chance they got, much to the consternation of Ingrid, Brianna's nanny and companion. Poor Nova caught the majority of their practical jokes, finding his clothes missing and replaced by skirts was nothing new for the boy. He became adept at hiding from the girls, treating them both like annoying little sisters and pretending they didn't exist.

Battle HistoryEdit

Battle at Cumberland

07-12-2009 04:07 : You have been attacked by the army "Scots National Guard: 1st Division" lead by Juliusoctavius.
Even something good and come out of and battle. Go figure

07-12-2009 04:17 : You dream of Richard, Duke of York picking fruit. When you awake, you find a piece of fruit under your bed. Astonishing, isn't it?

Battle at Birmingham

04-11-2007 04:32 : You have hit Ester. You seriously injured him.
04-11-2007 04:32 : You have hit Melee. This blow probably killed him.
04-11-2007 04:32 : Gia hit you You have been lightly wounded
04-11-2007 04:32 : You have been attacked by the army "NNGO" lead by Zakku.
04-11-2007 04:31 : You have hit Chucknoris. You grievously injured him
04-11-2007 04:31 : You have been attacked by the army "NNGO" lead by Zakku

Former Residences Edit

  • Carlile, Cumberland
  • Penrith, Cumberland
  • Reading, Wiltshire

English Towns Visited Edit

  • Carlisle, Cumberland
  • Penrith, Cumberland
  • Appleby, Lancaster
  • Kendal, Lancaster
  • Lancaster City, Lancaster
  • Preston, Lancaster
  • Manchester, Lancaster
  • Liverpool, Lancaster
  • Chester City, Chester
  • Beeston, Chester
  • Coventry, Stafford
  • Lichfield, Stafford
  • Derby, Stafford
  • Stafford City, Stafford
  • Birmingham, Stafford
  • Shrewsbury, Stafford
  • Ludlow, Stafford
  • Worcester, Worcester
  • Warwick, Worcester
  • Evesham, Worcester
  • Oxford, Wiltshire
  • Marlborough, Wiltshire
  • Reading, Wiltshire
  • Salisbury, Wiltshire
  • Winchester, Wiltshire
  • Southampton, Wiltshire
  • Arundel, Sussex
  • Lewes, Sussex

International Towns Visited Edit

Titles and Affiliations Edit

  • Marchioness of Tyne & Wear
  • Viscountess of Penrith, Lady of Penrith Castle
  • Baronet of Reading
  • Mentor of Carlisle
  • Chancellor of Cumberland Embassy
  • Former Mentor of Reading
  • Former Council Memeber of Wiltshire
  • ADL
  • NEA
  • Knight Banneret - Cumberland Mountaineers
  • Brigadier General - Knights of Phoenix

Skills Edit

  • Master's in Latin: 10%
  • Master's in ancient Greek: 7%
  • Master's in modern languages: 20% Basics of History : 100 %
  • Study of government institutions : 100 %
  • Trading : 100 %
  • Basic knowledge of the military : 100 %
  • Basic tactics : 100 %
  • Basic strategy : 100 %
  • Advanced strategy : 100 %
  • Stonemasonry : 100 %
  • Basic Seafaring : 4 %

Photos Edit

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