—  Talbot  —
Coat of arms
Family motto: Forte, fidèle, et prêt à accomplir
Matriarch (unknown)
Important members Edith, Kylonaa, Amy_Graye, Atreides, Abagael, Bellitha
Nationality British
Land held none
Affiliations none
Blood relations none

The Talbot family was formally established in Devon, England  in 1460, with most of the core founding members coming from Barnstaple, Devon . The family motto, "Forte, fidèle, et prêt à accomplir," means "Strong, faithful, and ready to accomplish."

The family members are very active in their local towns and are frequent and dedicated public servants, often holding elected offices and appointed positions in support of their town and community.

The house is informally tied to the Stuart Family and Norfolk families by marriage, and the Balintyne and Ballard families by friendship.

Active Family MembersEdit

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