Renaissance Kingdoms
—  Whithorn resident  —
Coat of arms
Personal motto: (unknown)
Full title Swampi Rose Campbell, Lady of Trouble
Place of Residence (unknown), Whithorn, Galloway
Affiliations RSA,
In-game name Swampi
Account created March 1, 2008
Forum name Swampi

Swampi came to Whithorn on March 1, 1456. She quickly joined the town and became a thriving member of it. She became a weaver and opened the infamous Den of Forbidden Pleasures,a casino and brothel. While in town she had met and became very good friends with the then current mayor, Lord Admtahoe. She also served one term as mayor . While having an affair with him she became pregnant with his children. On Sept 20, 1456 they were married. For their honeymoon, they went on a extensive trip thru Scotland and England. Upon their return home she attended the university to become a Doctor.

In April 1457, Admtahoe moved the family to Dumfries where Swampi gave birth to a set of triplets. 2 boys and a girl , Ian, Zellie and Julius. Julius was stillborn, She lost her mind at his death and cvould not except it and thought him still alive , At the same time Admtahoe left her and demanded as divorce which drove her further nuts refusing to except he was gone. In june 1457 she murdered him , losing her mind even more. While she stabbed him in the heart with a pair of scossors kissing him good bye , she infotmed the kids were not his but the actual father was Merovech.

After killing Tahoe Swampi moved to Kirkudbright with the kids at the request of her friend Rothum forbes and joined the Forbes clan . After a short time the clan chief Dakkon had to step down for awile and the clan voted her the new cheiftess. As Cheiftess she moved the clan from Galloway to Glasgow county with many problems from the country about it, She was intent on the safety of her clans move and raised a moving caravan army to take them safely to their new home. The NA gave her a lot of grief over it and demanded a lot of info and steps taken for it, Meanwhile the steward raised an army in Wigton saying it was for defense against her clans caravan. He wanted a list of dates they were leaving where stopping and when and everyone that was in the caravan, She refused to give names or numbers on her caravan, She did give the schedule

The county of Ayr refused to allow her passage thru it to get to Glasgow and she went anyway,

Swampi, Lady of Trouble