Suzy baptism

Suzy is a Manchester resident, caring and kind, convinced Lavea is a witch, and devoted to the church.

Suzy's parents were happy, simple farmers. One day, before Suzy was born, her father suffered an accident on the farm, which led to infection and resulted in death.

Heartbroken and expecting, Suzy's mother entered a convent, where Suzy was born and raised by the nuns. She imitated the Sisters as they went thru their daily routines and learned from them. It was a happy and peaceful life.

Knowing no other way, other than that of the Sisters in the convent, Suzy expected to become one of the Sisters when she came of age. Instead, the Mother Superior, deemed that Suzy must leave the convent for a period of time, to learn the ways of the world before committing herself to the Creator.

As a favored daughter of the convent, the Sisters arranged that Suzy would not enter the world as a pauper, but with as much coin as they could gather together to give her, that she might purchase a field and begin this new phase in her life.

In secret, the sisters made a ceremonial dress and presented it to Suzy the day they sent her away.

They loaned Suzy a carriage, horse, and a man-at-arms (who owed his life to the sisters and entered into their service) and suggested that she should make acquaintance with family members in the world outside.

Perhaps because the Sisters in the convent are held in higher regard by the men of the time or perhaps because the man-at-arms took his duty very seriously, he undertook to teach Suzy an air of aristocracy which seemed quite alien to Suzy.

He taught her to be haughty and to speak down to common men, his own self included, when in act and be perceived as a Great Lady, that indeed her family had once been and to some extent were becoming again.

In quiet moments alone, he would also teach her the basics of self defense and would often state that the best defense is a good offense.

Suzy is now learning the ways of the world outside the convent. Who knows where this may lead her?

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