The Sussex Alliance is a politcal party of Sussex.

After Sussex Council XIX announced succession from the Kingdom of England in September, 1458, the Sussex Alliance was created as a pro-Crown party. Initially formed to counteract the Public Servants hold upon the government. Especially how they had announced independence from England without seeking the consent, advice, or support of the people of Sussex.

The Sussex Alliance's birth was very similar to that of the Voice for the People. The VftP was formed when the Public Servants announced Sussex was leaving the House of Parliament without the consent of the people, and also announced they would no longer nominate Justices to the English Court of Appeals. Loyats son of Loyats was so angered by the PS arrogance, that he formed a party. It lasted less than one term, because the PS were so hostile within Council that Loyats resigned after one month, went home to Canterbury, removed his eyes, his ears, his tongue, then cut off his fingers, so that he may no longer see, hear, speak about, or write about the disgusting abuses he saw within council chambers.

The Sussex Alliance ran for four councils, then stopped providing lists for the next two council elections. They then formed the core of the Sussex Coalition, and won 65% of that Council. Dame Ophelia Fairfax, Lord Plotnik von Liechenstein, Sangoni, and Haraldjarl continue the traditions of loyalty to England that define the Sussex Alliance, and the Voice for the People.

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