Stuart Family
—  Stuart  —
Coat of arms
Family motto: (unknown)
Patriarch Chris_braveheart
Important members none
Nationality (unknown)
Land held none
Affiliations none
Blood relations none

The Stuart Family, or House of Stuart, is a powerful English family in Devon County, being popular and beloved in the town of Barnstaple . The Stuart Family has many members and relatives in Barnstaple, with many famous members as well.

The family patriarch is Chris Braveheart , the leader of the National English Party, who is a former Regent of England with multiple titles and former offices. He is wife to Kylonaa , a popular resident of Barnstaple who is a former Lady Mayor, being the family matriarch and having a tavern in her name, the Lady Kylonaa, owned by Chris Braveheart in Barnstaple.

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