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Th seals-stirling-ylw
Th stirling
Coat of arms
Motto: Unknown
Country Kingdom of Scotland
County Glasgow
Resource Forest
Province Province of Glasgow
Diocese Diocese of Glasgow
Established 27 March 1456
 - Mayor Stacie
 - Mentor Boomshine
 - Harbour Master Barrens_shaw
Population (22nd Oct 1457)
 - Port Town 179

Stirling is a forest town in Scotland's Glasgow county.

Misc. Info on Stirling Edit

Having a forest and lots of wood makes the town a perfect place for the starving carpenter. It's people are mostly friendly and often socialize in one of the many taverns. It's friendly environment provides an excellent place for a beginner to start off, with lots of experienced players always ready to lend a helping hand to a clueless newbie. Some players who you can turn to for a little help are: Boomshine, Stacie, Gruia, Barrens_shaw, Seldomseen. Some of these are mentors, some are not. So if you need help you should first check who the mentors of the town are. But it is not illegal to ask someone else, so if you happen to stumble across one of these people in a tavern, then don't be afraid to ask them something.

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