—  Stewart Family  —
Coat of arms
Family motto: Courage Begins at the Wound
Patriarch William "Killed" Stewart
Important members Lady Lorraine Stewart-Williams(rainchaser77), Lord Kenrich, Stewart-Tudor, Tuesday Miller, Lizabet Wolf
Nationality English
Land held Stewart Family Estate
Blood relations Balboa, Santa Maria, Tudor, Williams

The Stewarts are an English family founded by Headdenz J.J. Stewart. There have, at various times, been members in England, Scotland, Ireland, and on the continent, with the bulk of the family residing in Stafford. The current patriarch is William "Killed" Stewart. They are a diverse group with members from all walks of life including minor nobility, all manner of community leaders, Wolves of Sherwood, outstanding barflies and wild rovers.

The Stewart Family Tree

Headdenz J.J. StewartEdit


Headdenz Stewart, Baron of Solihull

Other Family MembersEdit

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