Renaissance Kingdoms

Prince of Ordo Negrum Equites (O.N.E.), Star of Wallachia and Imperial Baron of Pitesti, Stefan is O.N.E. Magister and Ambassador, and O.N.E. V Semper Eadem Commander.

Stefan is known for his inventiveness and inteligence, he likes the intrigue and to intrigue others.

Fine warrior and a good artist, he likes to paint and sing too.



Wife: Aida, "Bed Of Roses" Princess, Amazon of Ordo Negrum Equites (O.N.E.), Captain of O.N.E. V Semper Eadem.

Daughter: Donnagiordana, Sergeant of O.N.E. V Semper Eadem, Amazon of O.N.E. II Brigata Amesha.

Son: Peter99, dead.

Daughter: Fiorellino, dead.

Brother: Anghelos, Duke and King of Wallachia, O.N.E. Master and Commander.

Brother: Wardenunited, O.N.E. Grand Magister, O.N.E. I Semper Et Ubique Commander.

Brother: Hostysv, Knight of O.N.E. I Semper Et Ubique.

Brother: Lewowar, expeled from O.N.E..

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