Renaissance Kingdoms

Stats, or statistics, are characteristics associated with characters. There are three main stats that are found in the game: Strength, Intelligence and Charisma. When characters start at level 0, all three stat levels are at zero. By eating certain food, particularly stat food, a character can increase their stats up to a maximum of 255. Stats can be decreased when a character dies, fails to eat enough hunger points every day, is jailed for longer than three days or is executed. Because certain stats can improve the efficiency of certain actions, some job offers will require a specific level of strength or intelligence. Charisma has benefits in the purchase of goods or in competing for a job. When judging between two equally qualified candidates, the one with higher charisma's offer or bid will be accepted.


Strength can be raised by 2 points per meat eaten. It is used to determine the level of success in robbery, war and tilling certain kinds of fields.


Intelligence can be raised by 1 point by consuming milk or 2 points by consuming fish. It is used for tilling certain kinds of fields and is also used to determine resource collection, such as fishing, picking in the orchard or cutting wood in the forests, depending on which town resource is available. You are also rumoured to temporarily lose intelligence stat points if you are too drunk, very silly thing to do!


Charisma can be raised by 1 point by eating fruit or vegetables. It is used to determine the success of revolts and the army as well as influencing success in apply for jobs and the purchase of goods. Beware these stat points temporarily decrease if you have drunk too much in the taverns, and may permanently decrease if you are too drunk.


Each level require certain minimums of stats before a character can level up. To go to level 2, each stat must be at least 20. To go to level 3, two stats will need to be at 60 and another at 120, depending on the way that is chosen. Details can be found at the pages about each level.