Stannis, otherwise known as Stannis the Ghost, was born February 16, 1441 in Corcaigh, Ireland. He was killed on the 15th of April 1460 at the age of 19.

The story of Stannis and his Murder by Numpty the hag has made him an Irish folklore legend.

The SlayingEdit

At approximately 11:38 am, The Wench Numpty Mackenzie (although commonly reffered to as Numpty the Slayer of Bills and Killer of Stanni) entered the Flame and Iron Lounge and murdered the boy were he stood. Many townsfolk are now calling for the hags head after she killed the towns most beloved person with one person saying "I've lost the will to live now that Stannis is gone!". and another saying "I hope that hag Numpty burns in hell!".

Stannis's GhostEdit

Stannis is now said to roam the streets of Corcaigh and frequently visit the tavern where he was slain.

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